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All commercial buildings are subject to different weather, seasons, age of building materials and other variables. While most commercial buildings have a plan that includes regular maintenance and inspection, some things can be missed, overlooked, or happen unexpectedly.

While there are many different types of restoration, three main categories include waterproofing and coating, surface restoration, and structural restoration.

Waterproofing your property should be part of a preventative maintenance plan. It is important not to wait until there is a leak, mold, or visibly cracking walls or ceiling. We are getting into the winter season when weather changes can cause the exterior to be compromised so now is the perfect time to get it checked and repaired and prepared if needed. (See our blog on that here:

If you notice scratches or stains on the exterior or interior of your property, you may require surface restoration.  A protective coating can be added after restoration to prolong and make it look like new. And structural restoration goes beyond cleaning and involves important repairs. Historic buildings often require this type of restoration to keep them safe, secure, and looking their best.

While we recommend that you have a plan that includes regularly checking your building’s exterior and interior thoroughly, we offer consulting and project management services to help property managers stay on top of regular maintenance and repair, create emergency repair planning, and also are available 24/7 for emergencies that arise unexpectedly. 

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