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Spring is here, and with it brings the most common springtime problem: leaks. Left untreated, cracks in foundations, facades, roofs, windows, and pavement will allow those spring showers and moisture to penetrate these different materials and cause damage. By stopping the water penetration, the rate of deterioration is significantly slowed while extending the life cycle.

A scheduled program of pavement maintenance that includes crack filling will double the lifecycle of your asphalt pavement. Crack filling is a fraction of the cost of repairing or replacing asphalt pavement. The key to effective crack filling is to repair and fill the cracks while they are small, as it inhibits crack growth and keeps new ones from forming.

Don’t wait until you have an active leak or damage, take preventative measures now and protect your property. Call Freedom Restoration and get a no-cost property evaluation to inspect for potential problem areas at 410-451-7110. For a full list of our services visit our website at