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With the fall season upon us, it is only natural to begin to look towards the winter. While many are looking forward to flannels and pumpkin spice everything, most property managers are thinking ahead for the winter weather.  

  • Check all door and window frames – the worn down sealant could not only drive up heat costs but could lead to water intrusion.
  • Inspect the foundation for cracks – these could lead to bigger, more costly issues once the winter weather arrives.
  • Make sure pipes are insulated – to prevent any frozen/ cracked pipes.
  • Roof repair and or replacement – rule of thumb: if it’s over 15 years old, it should definitely be checked. Worn or damanged shingles or mold are a giveaway.
  • Exterior repainting or powerwashing.
  • Complete some general property cleanup – power washing, line striping and other tasks that may be impossible due to ice and snow

Freedom Restoration is equipped to help property managers handle most all of the tasks associated with keeping a property safe, clean and up to code. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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