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Whether right out in the open or behind the scenes, water can seep into even the hardest materials like concrete and it can be difficult to find the source. Mold growth can begin in just 24 hours, leaving property managers in need of a quick solution. At Freedom Restoration, our experts are well versed in all the sources of commercial water damage. 

Having a solid commercial water leak detection and response action plan is an essential part of building management and maintenance. Early and accurate detection of commercial building water intrusion is key. Learning the signs of possible leaks can help make repairs easier, reduce expenses, and improve facility maintenance routines. While both roofs and sprinkler systems require regular inspection and maintenance, leaks are often unavoidable. Contact Freedom Restoration at the first sign of a leak, even if the source isn’t always obvious. While typically much easier to identify, burst pipes also demand immediate expert attention.  

In the winter, melting ice and snow can also produce links when not removed properly. Our team can promptly remove snow from your commercial property and help ensure safe draining. Severe weather and malfunctioning equipment are just a few of the other sources of commercial leaks.

Call Freedom Restoration today at 410.451.7110 to help avoid costly commercial water damage, and as always, we’re here 24/7 in case of emergency.

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