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Bricks are one of the most common and classic materials used in building and also some of the most structurally sound. Brick and surrounding mortar require upkeep to maintain their appearance and integrity. Over time, brickwork can get worn and brittle and can crack due to environmental factors as well as settlement or structural shifting. Water absorption in the brick deteriorates the integrity of the structure and can cause spalling (cracking).

What is tuckpointing? Tuckpointing involves the removal of eroding mortar joints and replacing them with smooth, new mortar.

How often does it need to be done? When done properly by a reputable company such as Freedom Restoration, it is recommended to be maintained and replaced about every 20-25 years. The environment can certainly affect the lifespan of mortar. Loose bricks or fine powder coming from the mortar are indications that tuckpointing needs to be done.

What are main reasons for tuckpointing? Not only will it maintain the appearance of the outside of your property or brick facade, but tuckpointing will restore the structural integrity of the brick, reducing structural damage and repair costs.

Why call Freedom Restoration? Tuckpointing requires attention to detail and special equipment. It is important to not chip or damage good brick when removing old mortar, so hiring an experienced company can reduce the risk of costly unnecessary future repairs and ensure the proper color and appearance is maintained.

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