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One of the most important aspects of a successful commercial construction or restoration project comes down to choosing the right company. The factors below can help determine which company will best serve you and your project. 

Price.  While a lower bid might be more appealing, be sure the services included will get the job done. Your expectations will be best met when the scope of work is clear, as well as the services a company is offering to meet them. 

Experience.  It is very important to hire a commercial construction company that has the right experience for your job. With 17 years of experience, 32 services offered, and thousands of properties served, you can trust Freedom Restoration has the expertise and experience to do it right. 

Insured and Bonded.  At Freedom Restoration, we want to avoid any risk when it comes to our projects. Commercial building projects can come with large price tags. Companies like ours are required to carry insurance, to cover any mishaps that occur during the project process, and hold a bond, guaranteeing the project will be completed within specified parameters. This way, all parties are covered, just in case. 

Schedule.  To avoid costly delays, we take weather, material availability, and many other variables, into consideration when proposing a project schedule. A reasonable timeline needs to be laid out and followed in order to get your job done right and fast. We also offer project management services to stay on track.

If you’re considering hiring a company for a commercial construction or restoration project, contact Freedom Restoration today. Our promise? No other contractor in the area will respond more quickly, follow through more accurately, or treat you more professionally.